#JudgeMons FAN

Nel Collins is our a mountain mortal, someone with no vested interest in Winter Games or the industry other than her unbridled passion for snow, in short a true fan.

#JudgeMons ATHLETE

Freeride World Qualifying Athlete Sebastian Varlet is a classic big mountain beast. An invite to the 4* event at the Remarkables is what has drawn Seb to the Southern Hemisphere.

#JudgeMons JUDGE

Say hello to snowboard legend Burton team rider, revered judge, founder of the Psykopit crew and the man behind the Classic Snowboarding Insta, Julien Haricot. Wonderfully French he is a purveyor of style and function without equal.


At Mons we believe in our products. So much so, we are prepared to put our reputation on the line. We are going to let 3 independent judges test Mons gear for the duration of the New Zealand winter games. We know we make the most technical and best looking base and mid layers on the market…

Incremental Advantages in the Olympus 3.0

It’s not quite tits deep out there but that familiar kiwi cold – the one that shows your breath indoors and calls for a beanie at all hours of the day – has come a-knocking once more…

Post Ski: Making The Most Of The Holidays

You’ve survived the faff of getting everyone up the mountain; the kids forgetting their gloves; the moguls at Treble Cone; trying not to deck yourself in the park at Cardrona to impress your mates. You’ve pushed those not so ski-fit legs to the end of their tether and feel that…

Lessons learned from 26,700 days on snow

Feet. They are usually the last thing you think about, but arguably the first thing that will end a day on the mountain quicker than anything else. Here at Mons we decided to count the entire staffs’ collective seasons, between us we have amassed 267 winters on snow…

The wonders of your solar system

Think of yourself as a planet. You have a lovely hot core that helps sustain life, but to survive you need an atmosphere (clothes if you’ve lost the analogy). The more layers there are in our atmosphere the more protected you are from harmful elements, which means life/good times are more likely to flourish…

A love letter to winter

The first Mountain Commandment: Thou shalt not squander a powder day. If you ski or snowboard patience is not a virtue you learn, it is something that Mother Nature rubs your nose in for three seasons of every year…


Dropppping! ROAD TO CRANKWORX follows our Mons athlete’s on their journey to Crankworx Innsbruck, Austria, for the second stop of Crankworx World tour 2018. This four-part series sees Conor Macfarlane, Peter Kaiser and their crew travel from New Zealand through Europe before hitting the Dual Speed & Style at Crankworx Innsbruck.

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